Saturday, October 31, 2009

My very first post

As I sit here, the blank page stares up at me, daring me to be clever and fun. Asking me "do you really think anyone is going to care what you have to say? Who are you anyways?" And at first I want to break down and give in. "You're right!" I want to scream, and then delete my profile and pretend this never happened.

But instead here I sit, 30 looming in the not-so-distant future deciding it's time to start documenting my life. At times is it interesting? Yes and full of delicious drama. Are there times when my life is about as exciting as watching grass grow? Yes. Am I afraid that the best story years are long gone? Heck yes! But here is an avenue that I believe will prove to be therapeutic. Airing out my dirty laundry for all to see. And if no one sees it, then so be it!

So as the winter begins, I begin my journey into this online wonderworld to explore what I can find about love, life, and surviving.

xoxo, sjp

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