Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wendesday Hump Day Blog

I’m definitely in the mood to write a blog today, but am at a total loss for topics. Everything I want to write about would just end up me bitching, and that’s not good for anyone. So, instead, I’ll go with one of my random posts.

L update – things are still going so well with L. We’re going to Savannah for a mini-vacation on Friday and I’m really excited about it! I’ve never been, and I know it’s going to be so cute! Also, we’ve been having “talks.” Gulp. Yikes. I know! But definitely good ones. He’s told me that I’m the one he wants to spend his life with, and in a couple of months he’ll be ready with the ring! Can you even believe it? I just still can’t get over how easy it was with him. I dated M for two years, we never even talked about the future other than “what are we doing this weekend?” Then there was the year long drama with Coach. Then the Major. And each of those relationships definitely had some sort of drama or issue. There’s none of that with L. I guess that’s when you know he’s the one. All that drama goes out the window. I’m just really lucky I found him. He really is amazing and so nice and kind and smart and fun to be with!

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State colleges – this has not been a good couple of years for the Virginia state schools. Just some of the most devastating things have happened, starting with the Virginia Tech massacre back in 2007 and most recently, of course, the lacrosse murder at UVa. I just can’t even imagine all the heartbreak. I will say, that Hughley’s mother came out with the most touching statement today. It brought to mind that among all the heartbreak with Love and her family, there’s a family who still loves their son, regardless of what he’s done. Obviously the tragedy to the Love family, teammates and friends is insurmountable, but while you’re praying for their family, it’s important to remember there’s another family to keep in your prayers as they deal with a very different, but still very intense kind of pain.
Elevator mishap – on Monday coming to work, I got stuck in the elevator! Basically, the elevator doors wouldn't open. I tried taking it to various floors, but to no avail. After a few failed attempts, I then pressed the emergency button. A guy comes on the intercom and asks me repeatedly if I’m okay. I assure him I am, then he calls security. These brilliant security folks ask me if I'm okay, then (yelling through the door) if I tried pressing the “door open” or the button of the floor I’m on. Geez, really, hadn’t thought of that one! I had to let them know the elevator was trying to open, but just wouldn’t open all the way. (The door was opening about a centimeter, and the lights and dings and all the regular mechanics were going off). Meanwhile, because the elevators think that elevator is working, none of the other ones are coming down to the first floor. Everyone else in my building had to walk the stairs for the 25 minutes I was stuck in there! That's smart technology for you. The security people can’t do anything, so they let me know they’re calling in a guy from the elevator company. Now, I start panicking a little. How long is this going to take!? They let me know they have someone on site, and it’s only 15 minutes later that I’m freed. As I’m going up to my floor, is it sad or what that I sort of secretly wished I had been stuck longer so I wouldn’t have to go to work!?

Blake update – haven’t done one of these in awhile. Here she is at the Costume Institute Gala wearing Marchesa. All the blogs were all about her legs, and yes, she has some nice ones! Totally coveting! I feel like I should post pictures of her around me at all times, to persuade me not to eat.


Anonymous said...

I agree about not forgetting about the othet grieving family- they will be losing a lived one too, although it is just to prison. I can't wait to get together so you can tell me all about the conversations you and L have had!!- RE

Martha said...

I am so glad things are well w/L, you both sound delightful together.
That is an amazing Marchesa dress on Blake, wow. Thank you.

Martha (MM) said...

Gosh if I remember correctly you met L right about the time I started reading here and now talking "the ring" already - time sure does fly! So glad you are happy! :-)

SJP said...

Haha, thanks guys!! RE-we'll do wine soon, and I will fill you all in, it's just all sooooo much!! M and MM! I know!! Delightful-yes!! MM-yes, that is correct, I got serious about the motivation in early Jan, which is when L and I had just had our first date!! Time does fly indeed!!

I need to post Savannah picss....guess not going to happen tonight.