Thursday, April 29, 2010

Circle of Life

I’m back and have a lot to catch up on. I want to tell everyone about L meeting my parents, and about the wedding we went to last weekend, and some “talks” we’ve been having about “our future” but something more important has come up.

Beginnings: A friend at work had been pregnant for awhile and was ready to pop! The due date was soon, but she came in to work this morning at the normal time at 8. Since her due date was so soon, she had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon and she left feeling fine. However, at this appointment, the doctor told her that he was estimating the baby at 9 lbs! and they needed to do a C-section immediately! When I heard this news, it was sort of surreal. To see someone normal in the morning, then having an unexpected c-section later that afternoon sort of boggles the mind. How did this baby get so big? I guess it just didn’t want to leave the warmth of the womb! But it was time for a new life to be born, and the little girl was born healthy and at 9 lbs 1 oz last night! Mom, dad, and little baby girl are all doing well!

Endings: Later that evening, as I’m driving home from the gym, my phone rings. It’s a good friend from college calling to tell me that a good friend of ours died yesterday. 30 years young, dies unexpectedly. They’re not really sure what happened, I guess they’re doing an autopsy and should have more results soon. But basically he was complaining about not feeling well that morning, passed out, and died. Gone. 30 years old. I’m still just such in a complete state of shock. 30 years is too young for this. He was in good health, exercised regularly, just got married less than a year ago, owned a home in Arlington, had a great career with a promising future. And just like that, he’s no longer with us.

I know things like this happen. There’s no rhyme or reason for why people go when they do. We can only pray they are in heaven and that we’ll see them again one day. But the full circle of life was realized in one day for me, starting off with the celebration of a new life, and ending with the mourning of one taken too soon.


RAP said...

Congrats to your work friend! I'm really sorry about your other friend. That's really young and so sudden.

Martha said...

Wow! Congrats to your friend who had the baby. My youngest was a ten pounder, went all natural believe it or not! I think these docs jump the gun to quick with c sections and inducing labor these days.

FYI - I left a note to you in the comment section over at TMS too on Monday's entry.

So sorry to hear about your other friend, What a tragedy. My condolences to you and the family.

SJP said...

Thanks guys, for both congrats and condolences. Turns out he had a brain aneurysm. Really sad.

Martha - read the comment, thanks. Why is this such an issue for me, for years!? That's what I need to get motivated on asap! And ten pounds!! Natural! Yikes!