Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frivilous Update

I received this email from my daily Glamour email that said “Sign That Spring Is on Its Way: The Return of Lauren Conrad’s Side Braid!”

Now, I’m not sure when this photo was actually taken, but aren’t we just all over the side braid on LC? She’s just way too old to be pulling this look off. I’m sorry, but the crows feet don’t go with her teeny bopper hair. And as a very important side note, I think Lauren Conrad is great! As a general rule, I enjoy her choice of outfits and often times look to her for style inspiration, enjoyed The Hills, and as embarrassing as it is, read L.A. Candy. But come on, you’re a woman about town, time to stop looking like a 16 year old that doesn’t want to grow up!

Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows, but I’m just not getting into the season this year. There is one story line I want to point out and comment on. So, Chuck’s mom “reappears” from the dead after she skipped out on him when he was born. And she has the audacity to be upset when he wants a DNA test? Please? How can you blame him? Of course, this was before I learned of the conspiracy, and realize a real mom would have understood. Also, sometimes I think they write story lines and are like “oh crap, how do we make this work?” For example, if Serena hadn’t talked to the mom to going back to Chuck, she would have left? So, now we’re supposed to believe she’s in it with Jack. Ugh, getting annoying.

And this is random, but I want to comment. I am getting so sick of these people who are “so busy” yet they have time to update Twitter and Facebook every 5 seconds. “Busy day today!” No, sorry, it’s not busy or you wouldn’t have had time to log in and update everyone on how “busy” you are.

This translates to real life too. You all know those people that are “too busy” to do anything, so they “delegate” all the work to you, but meanwhile, they have all the time in the world to call you and everyone else they know 100 times a day. Sheesh!

Ok, a little bit of a rant today, huh? I’ll try to think of a positive post for tomorrow!


RAP said...

I kinda gave up on GG - it comes on too late to meet up to watch it. The storyline is ridiculous w/his mom and honeslty when it went off the air for a bit it gave me a break and I didn't miss it. Oh and I hate Jenny - she's so damn annoying and I wish they would just kill her off.

LC - not sure how I feel about the braid... I always feel I look stupid when I do it. She does look old though and she's younger than us and I feel like she could easily pass for 35.

SJP said...

I think everyone looks stupid with the braid if they're over the age of 18! :) Why does she look so old, haha!