Monday, March 1, 2010

My birthday week

Well, the big, much anticipated week has finally arrived! And fortunately, I am going to be kept very busy this week, otherwise, I don't think I could take the dragging out, the waiting for the weekend.

What is it? you may ask. Well, it's my birthday this Sunday! And not just any birthday. I will be 30! I'm very excited about this! Yes! I am excited about being 30! If you asked 15 year old me where she thought she'd be at 30, she'd probably give you something very similar to where I am now. Successful at work. Living a fun, always packed life, filled with exciting trips and events. Surrounded by a lot of loving, wonderful friends and family. And yes, not married. I was never one of those people who said "I always thought I'd be married by the time I was ...." I think she'd be very happy with the person she's turned out to be!

I was debating writing a whole entry about why it is people feel like they need to freak out when they turn 30. But I decided I had better things to do than to justify why I'm not afraid of turning 30, in fact, am relishing in it!

I'm definitely not one to be like "oh, it's my birthday week." Those people annoy me. No you don't get a whole week, you get a day! But this year, it seems like the celebrations are starting early!

Wednesday - book club which is always a good time. Not really birthday related, but since there's wine, I'm counting it!
Thursday - going to see Aisha Tyler at Funny Bone with a group of friends, and Pool Shark and Re get to meet L!!!
Friday - some of my friends are coming down early for the big event on
Saturday - rented out a passenger van and am taking a Charlottesville area wine tour with 15 girl friends!! How fun does Saturday sound? In case you're interested, here's the vineyards we're going to (and I'll have a follow up post after) King Family in Crozet. Veritas in Afton. And Jefferson in Charlottesville. And they've all been warned a big group is coming on Saturday!! I hope they're ready!
Sunday - brunch with the girls that stay the night, and then dinner with L
Monday - dinner/celebration with my parents.


RAP said...

Happy Bday week! I almost asked you if you wanted to go see Aisha Tyler but then I kinda forgot about it and I was waiting to hear back from C if she and S wanted to go. Now I'm thinking darn I should have got on the ball and asked you!! Have a fun week!

SJP said...

Haha, thanks! Can't wait until Saturday! I got free tickets for Aisha, so I'm excited! I wish you had said something earlier, I would have asked you to come, but I was talking about it at work with D and these guys over heard, so they asked to come too.

Martha said...

Happy Birthday, sounds like a delightful week with lots of special things planned.
I hope you have a GREAT time!

why said...
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