Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Albuquerque Take 2

My flight on Saturday was canceled. Apparently they shut down the entire Richmond airport because of the snow storm. No flights coming in whatsoever. I was a little bummed, I wanted to see L this weekend, but the bummed feeling didn't last too long. Here I was in Albuquerque with my adorable red bug while everyone at home was snowed in with no hope of getting out. Time to explore the city!

I started my day off with a manicure. Yes, even in Albuquerque, there's parts of me that will never change.

Next, I headed up to the Sandia Mountains. These mountains were formed over 1.4 billion years ago and boast some of the highest elevation in New Mexico. The rocks are mostly mica and granite, and apparently turn pink when the sun sets, hence the name Sandia, which means watermelon in Spanish.

Here's a view from the base of the mountains.
 Amazing aren't they? 
This is also the home of the world's largest passenger aerial tram way, the Sandia Peak Ski and Tramway. It also has the world's third largest single span for a tramway. I heard this was a must do attraction while in Albuquerque. The tram goes up 2.7 miles to the top of the mountain, and raises 3,819 feet. It was completed in 1966 by a Swedish engineer who thought these mountains deserved the same sort of tramway as the Alps. This is not something to do if you are afraid of heights, but it made a magnificent and very picturesque ascent up into the mountains.

Here's the tram as seen from the top of the mountain.
There is also some ski slopes at the top, along with a restaurant with the most beautiful view. I heard drinking margaritas during sunset is a must-do for Albuquerque-ans.

I'm also assuming the houses at the base of the mountains are where all the well to do live. There were some gorgeous mansions, all in the Spanish style, complete with the most breathtaking views.

After Sandia Peak, I went shopping, and for some reason the Marshall's there is kick-ass! We all know I love me some Marshall's, and I was really upset I only had a carryon and couldn't buy the entire store up!

I went back to the Rio Grande to walk for a bit. I was feeling the itch to get a good workout in, but hadn't packed any gym stuff. Although it was only 3:30, the sun felt really low. It felt much later, I'm not sure if that's because of the high altitude or not.

That evening, I had a nice dinner, alone at Il Vicino in Nob Hill. I did feel a little lame sitting by myself on a crowded Saturday night. But hey, I didn't really care. The evening was really nice. I headed back home where I watched some TV, read my book and went to bed early to catch my rescheduled flight at 6 am.

Or so I thought...stay tuned.


RAP said...

These are amazing. I want to go now!! lol. We need to meet up after work one night so I can get all the scoop on L. :) Besides which you need to call and tell me about the "stay tuned" part - won't give it away for everyone else.

You're making me crave a vacay with all this!

SJP said...

Haha! Yes, it was fun, except for the "stay tuned" part. I hate that that had to happen, because it was so nice prior! We do need to meet up, but this freaking weather is NOT cooperating! Also, we need to discuss this weekend. Looks like might be rain instead of snow? Fingers crossed!