Friday, February 12, 2010

"Reality" Deal Breakers

If he's ever been on a reality TV show... deal breaker!

Not all reality TV shows are created equal, however, you should treat each equally in that it is a total deal breaker.

Think of the Bachelor-type shows. Guys that go on these shows don't really want to find love. I'm sorry, I don't buy it! They just want to have lots of gorgeous women throw themselves at them, and then have the chance to sleep with more than one girl, and not get slack for it. Think about it. Why else would none of these "marriages" work?.

Apprentice/Survivor-type shows. Although these are two different genres, the premise is the same. Males here, once again, are ego maniacs. You don't want to date a guy that thinks he's that great that he deserves to be on reality-TV and thinks he could win some sort of big prize. These guys are only in it for the money, and you'll probably never be good enough, or at least that's how he'll make you feel as he's cheating on you.

The Hills/Jersey Shore-type shows. These men are the definition of attention whores, and straight up man-whores. Similar to the group above, you'll never be good enough. Ladies will always be throwing their panties at them, and they'll upgrade in a minute. One day, they'll wake up to find they're alone at age 60 with no one to love, or they'll be a Hugh Hefner type. Neither are the type you want to get involved with. Deal breaker.

Geek shows. Okay, geeks that want to get laid. They think this is the way to becoming cool. Sorry. Not the case.

Basically, the premise is the same. Men go on these shows for the after affect. The ladies that now recognize them everywhere they go. The easy lays they know they'll get as a result of the show. If you see them out at a bar, or meet them at the grocery store, run away. It is a deal breaker ladies. Show some respect for yourself!!

Oh, and the same goes for men. Obviously any woman on these shows is an attention-whore as well, and likely an aspiring actress who thinks this is her big break!



RAP said...

Damn there goes my dream of dating Brody...

RAP said...

Totally agree re. Bacholar. That show is really lame. I don't think you can love someone after six weeks of you dating forty other people... ridiculous.

Viva La Fashion said...

oh, that second picture is attractive. (note my sarcasm)

SJP said...

There's NO WAY they can be in love. Ridiculous! And for me, it was more of a Spencer dream! ;)

And yes, sarcasm was duly noted! Guys are such trash on these shows! Haha!