Monday, February 8, 2010

Dealbreakers with SJP

I almost forgot I wanted to do another theme this month! I guess between the injuries and the snow, it slipped my mind. This month is dedicated to deal breakers! Yes, those things that a guy does that is a show stopper. A DHA moment.

I'll try to do each of these based on a guy I went out with. Others will be based on just general knowledge. Today's is based on a guy I went out with...once.

If he wears more hair gel than Pauly D on Jersey Shore...Dealbreaker.

For your viewing pleasure. One of my favorite TV shows, and one of my favorite plot lines.


RAP said...

I didn't even read this at first. I just started cracking up at Pauly D. But I agree - deal breaker. Whole cast of Jersey Shore would be a deal break for me. I would change this to say he wears more hair products than I do and takes longer to get ready.

SJP said...

You know, I think that's a separate deal breaker, if he wears more hair products and takes longer to get ready. Because I don't know that you have to go to Pauly D extreme for the guy to be a deal breaker!

RAP said...

I love these dealbreakers - they make my day - keep them up! You're the next Chelsea Handler. ;)