Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texting Dealbreakers

I know I've written on texting before, but the number one way to know a guy is 100% NOT WORTH IT is if the following situation goes down.

You go out with him, maybe you have a great time, maybe it's just an okay time, but at the end, you think "if he calls, I'll go out again." Maybe you don't even go out, you meet him at a bar, a concert, whatever, and he gets your digits. A few days go by from either the date or when you met him, and you don't hear from him. No biggie, you think. But then, it's Friday night, you're out with your girls, and your phone goes off! It's him! Can you guess what the text says!? I know you can, because I KNOW you've gotten it before!

U out?

Forget him! Delete his number! I know you are tipsy, but he is not worth it! This guy is a jokester! He is not interested in dating you! No matter what! Do not reply, delete his number and forget he even ever existed! Girls! Save yourself the embarrassment, the drama, the headache that is going to be this guy!

If he can't be bothered to call, and he only wants to text late at night... DEALBREAKER!
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