Friday, February 5, 2010

Worst Cities for Hair Health

Today, just poking around on websites, following one link to another, I found "The 13 Worst-Hair Cities" by

Number 12 was Albuquerque, NM! And I will vouch for this. Only 3 days there, and both my hair and skin went to he11! My hair was so dried and fried. Although the lack of humidity kept it at bay size wise (I forgot my straightener, oh the horrors!), the texture of it was not good. I also have dry skin, and my face was constantly red from being so dry. I was literally slathering on the lotion all day long, and it was immediately soaked right up. When I finally got home, my face felt like it had gone through the ringer. Just very sensitive to the touch, quite red in the cheeks, and not looking as radiant as usual.

It made me wonder, however, do people that live there have more oily skin, or less dry hair? Sort of a survival of the fittest idea? I just couldn't imagine the shape my skin would be in if I lived there. Or does it get used to it? I have to wonder.

Albuquerque is so difficult to type!

Another snow day here in VA. Although it is pretty, it's getting quite old. We're normally lucky to get one inch per winter, and we've already had two storms at a foot and a half each. And it's always on the weekend. L's coming over tonight, to get snowed in! Yikes! I'm freaking out! Is it going to be too much to spend the weekend together? Locked up in the house? With no where to go? Or, will it make us that much stronger? Will keep you posted!


RAP said...

Didn't Serena and whoever (I can't remember) spend the weekend snowed in? Yay! I think it'll be fun. Besides you can always kick him out Saturday if you need time for GG or Chelsea.

I had heard that about out West that the lack of humidity is hell on your skin and hair. Another reason to love VA.

SJP said...

I don't know if I remember Serena being snowed in. I guess all the episodes are running into each other. But it's 6:10 on Saturday, and I'm still having fun.

yes, gotta love VA, better on skin and hair, four season, waaaay too much snow! :(

RAP said...

Glad you're having fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for being snowed in then! Can't wait to hear all about it- eventually we'll get to have our dinner. RE