Friday, January 22, 2010

Blake Lively in Thigh High Stella McCartney Boots

Saw a few of these pictures around the internet (from January 12, 2010) and just could not figure out how these were boots!

Definitely looked like leggings to me. And where were the pants? The I found this photo. You can definitely tell there is leg above the boots now.

Not sure what I think of them. Of course, there's no way I could ever wear them, maybe if you cut my thigh in half. Also, not crazy about the man's white button up with the boots. Maybe if it was a black tank that was a little more form-fitting? Right now, it looks like she's wearing a button down and forgot to put a skirt on over her leggings. 

I was thinking about these boots and thought they looked more like something Rihanna would rock, and look what I found!

I'm liking it more with a skirt. Rihanna can totally pull something like this off!

The worst part about this? These boots cost $1,595!!

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RAP said...

I'm not loving it. I like it more on Rihanna but on Blake (you're right) it looks like she forgot her pants. I don't think I could wear them - I think it borders a bit on Pretty Woman territory...

Viva La Fashion said...

blake looks so amazing! :)

but i wouldn't wear those.

SJP said...

Rihanna can wear anything and pull it off. Pretty Woman 20 years later, haha! And for some reason wearing a pair of boots that is worth 100 BJs. Haha!

Blake always does look amazing, I agree! :)

Martha said...

Those are rock star boots, Rihanna looks hot. I could get those past my knee.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

they look like my batgirl costume boot covers. definitely not worth $1500.

SJP said...

Hahaha! I'm laughing at your batgirl costume! And you know what else, I bet you looked hotter in them than her! :)