Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why do men go sniffing back to old relationships when the new one ends?

It never ceases to amaze me just how predictable men are. Without fail, every time something goes south in a new relationship, they go sniffing back around to the one previous. I had noticed that a guy that I had dated for awhile's profile pic had changed from him and a girl, to just him. Although totally over him, I was curious, so I looked on his page. Sure enough, there was the broken heart "blank is now single." Not one day later I get an email from him. Just wanting to see how I was, blah blah. This happens ALL. THE. TIME. and it never ceases to crack me up. Why must guys always go sniffing back around, trying to find out what's going on with the girl they dated right before when they break up with someone.

Off hand, I'd guess this has happened to be about a half a dozen times. Two were serious relationships (i.e. the L-word was involved) and those were a lot harder to deal with when they guy came back. All the fond memories, the feelings come rushing back and it's so hard not to want to just jump right back to where you were. I stood strong, however, knowing that would just a rebound of the worst kind. The others were guys I had casually gone out with a few times, and things just naturally fizzled out, no hard feelings. But time and time again, when things end, they come back around, what am I doing?! Who do they think I am!? I'm totally insulted!

Has this happened to you guys before? Do share and discuss.



Martha said...

Don't be insulted, men are creatures of habit.
Love the picture, so funny!

RAP said...

I am loving that photo. Too funny.