Friday, January 1, 2010

First Blake fix of the new year

Blake in Adam. This was back in May, but I found the picture today on some website claiming turquoise is the new it color for 2010.

Photo by: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

I have a few comments.

1. Not a fan of the jumper, although I will say when I was out in LA this past summer, jumpers like this one were all the rage.

2. I was definitely rocking the turquoise cocktail dress back in 2007. I remember I wanted a turquoise dress so bad for my holiday party and searched and searched before I found one. I find myself more and more often being just ahead of all the trends and wondering, who's really starting these trends? ;) You can even ask D, as she can attest that I am always saying "and who was wearing that 2 years ago!?"


RAP said...

I saw the turquoise thing too. Although I was watching this other show and they were claiming things like orange but maybe it was an old taping and they were talking fall???

I'm not a fan of jumpers. I like hers better than the long jumpsuits but I still don't think its something I would wear. But I said that about leggings (I'm not wearing those again) and look who is the proud owner of like ten different pairs....

SJP said...

Who knows. I feel like every year, there's some new color. But really, nothing's ever "new." You know? Like it's all been done before.

My brother's girlfriend bought a long jumper. She is beautiful and has an amazing body and the jumper looked so good on her. It was black and looked almost like she could wear it to a formal event.

Ok, so are you going to be wearing jumpers in three years? Haha! No, but I'm glad you waited on the leggings and didn't do that disgusting leggings under the jean mini that I saw out and about in 2007. I like them in the boots or as pants so much better! So, I think you were smart with saying you wouldn't wear them...because you waited until they were something more classy and now that's something you always do! :)