Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeling kind of lost today

Without my topics, I'm feeling sort of lost. And I realized, it's not so much the topics I need as a reason to log on every day and write posts. So, anyways, anytime anyone wants to give me a monthly topic, I'm game!

In diet news, it'll be two weeks tomorrow since I've had a soda! Go me! Since I get my caffeine from sodas as well, I had some serious double whammy withdrawals, lots of headaches, but it's gone now and I find I have tons of energy! Pretty exciting! So, two weeks of only water and wine!

Just for a random topic today, of course it's a few days old, but everyone was abuzz with these Emma Watson photoshop scandal, and I don't get it on two fronts.

1. These people are professionals, how are they over looking this?
2. What's the point of photoshopping. All these celebs are itty bitty anyways. I'm telling you, you see any celeb in real life, and they are so small it's comical. So, why are they needing photoshopping? It's a warped world we live in these days kids, a sick, warped world where size negative 0's are being photoshopped. Now if someone wants to airbrush 40 lbs of me, that's a different story!

Of course the photographer is claiming it's just a weird angle and her leg is behind the guy's white pans, but I don't know, I feel like a little knee should be sticking out.

Who can forget this famous mistake?

So stupid. I mean, there's no way she can claim her leg has a funky jut out like that. And Demi looks good, no need to photshop!

Well, I think that's it. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
xoxo, S


RAP said...

I saw the Emma Watson thing. I'm not sure I buy the whole her leg is tucked behind his thing... It looks awkward. One sight said that's her brother.

SJP said...

Totally don't buy it.

And yea, I saw that they said it was her brother. Odd. All these younger siblings trying to ride in on their older sibling's coat tails!