Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football in the Fall

This weekend, my cousins came into town for the big UR v. W&M football game here in Richmond. Both my cousins went to W&M, so the group of us were all decked out in Tribe gear. It was a perfect day, complete with gorgeous football weather, a nice brunch, and a nice walk from my house over to the Stadium. It was set to be the perfect fall afternoon. Unfortunately, in literally the last seconds of the game, UR took possession of the ball and scored a touchdown, winning the game. It really was a downer, but I had fun with my cousins, they're always such a hoot!

While we were at the game though, we went to take our seats in the visitors section, and some guy was sitting in our seats. We asked him if he could move, and he started getting really snippy with us. "No one sits in their assigned seats." We, at the time, being amicable, said "Ok, we'll take these other seats behind, but if someone comes to claim them, then we'll need our seats back." Coincidentally, at the same time, the people whose seats they were came and said they were sorry, but those were their seats, so we move back to our original seats. Did he get snippy with those people? No! He starts smack talking us, calling us ridiculous, basically being a complete jerk. My one cousin goes "well, I guess we're ridiculous then." It was funny, because throughout the whole game, people were coming in and claiming their seats. This guy got shuffled around 10 times, finally, he was forced to leave the area altogether because the place was packed and every seat was taken. It was just ridiculous, I thought, for this guy to be such a complete asshole. I mean, I get in the spirit of the game, we can make a little bit of a compromise, but if someone wants their seats, then you give it to them, they paid for those seats. And it wasn't like there were empty seats all around, if there were, we'd be happy to move, but the stadium was packed. But what got me most about that guy, was he didn't say anything to anyone else, just us. And you can probably guess why. Because we were four "lil ladies that didn't know nothing about a big manly sport like football, oh dearie me!" What a jerk. 

While at the game, I saw a lot of people I knew, people that I hadn't seen in years from college, old boyfriend's sisters, and Newspaper Boy (from earlier gym entry)! I actually got excited thinking "this is fate! He's going to ask me out!" I really wanted to say something to him, he was standing about two people in front of me in the concession line, but I'm sort of shy when it comes to that sort of stuff. Plus, I didn't realize how skinny he was. I guess his gym shorts hide his thinness, and I am not one for a skinny boy. But I didn't know how I could introduce myself without looking like a complete stalker. Reaching around the other two people to tap him on the shoulder "Excuse me mister. I know you don't know me, but I work out with you. Yes, I'm a complete whack job, thanks for asking!" I just hope he's at the gym tomorrow morning, maybe he'll say something to me! I better have a cute outfit on!


RAP said...

Too funny about newspaper boy. I agree it would be weird to reach around 2 other people to tlak to him esp. if he was like who are you? I get nervous about that stuff too but I'd def. dare you to do it haha... glad it was a good game!

SJP said...

I know I wish I was more bold sometimes, probably would help me out a lot if instead of looking away at the ground real fast, I would make eye contact and smile!

No NFL players! :)