Friday, November 20, 2009

THANKFUL for the 20 tubes of mascara in my makeup case

Mascara is certainly a product I am thankful for. While I am blessed with long, thick, dark lashes anyways (don't hate me!), I still love me some mascara! And boy oh boy, do I coat it on! Lots of coats, the thicker, the darker and the longer and the more obvious it is that I have mascara on, the better!

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Did you know "modern mascara" was invented in 1913 by a chemist for his sister Mabel? Yes it's true! This chemist went on to start a company, you guessed it, Maybelline! Now, I've tried high end and drug store mascaras, and I will tell you time and time again, I am a loyal mascara buyer of Maybelline. I started off with the old standby green and pink tube in highschool, progressed through the 3X, 5X, 7X and now, I'm currently using the Colossal, to which, IMHO, no other mascara (not even high end Lancome) can hold a candle in the wind. I was very pleased to learn that Maybelline was the modern day inventor of mascara, must be the reason why it's so awesome!

But regardless of which brand I happen to be using that day (today, it's Givency Phenomen'Eyes Mascara), I am thankful that I am able to quadruple coat my lashes in my favorite black thick paste on a daily basis.


RAP said...

Love it! I actually am a huge fan of mascara too - actually eye makep-up in general. The darker the better - Kim K here I come. Brown mascara for the day - I don't think so. It's blackest black. I am a maybelline lover as well. Totally agree it's better than any other. I like all you mentioned and the one in the white and black tube - can't remember the name. I'm not a fan of waterproof though.

SJP said...

Haha, your comment cracked me out. Dang straight "Kim K here I come. Brown mascara for the day - I don't think so!" I laughed because it's so true!!! I'm glad you're a kindred spirit!

RAP said...

So this is what I want to try - this lady at my writer's meeting had blue mascara on like a deep navy and you couldn't tell until you saw her sideways really but it looked awesome and this lady was probably in her 50's at least and she was totally rocking it. So I think I could rock purple... could be a blog post haha if I get around to buying it.

SJP said...

I bet you could totally pull it off! I've seen those with the pigments in them, I think they look cool. Honestly, in the summer, I can be a fan of straight up turquoise/bright blue mascara! (Not for work, of course!)

RAP said...

Haha I'm wondering if you could do a deep plum and no one would know its not black. The turquoise sounds pretty hot too though. Maybe I'll do a CVS run on the way home. I'm thinking I'll buy the cheapest one they have incase I hate it.