Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THANKFUL for the 24 different hairstyles I've had

Since we're in the spirit of hair (earlier post), today I'm going to give thanks for my hairdresser Lee. He is super amazing. I've been seeing him for going on 4 years and have witnessed him from a single chair in a shady duplex to owning his own upscale salon. He has taken me through all sorts of various haircuts and took me from the "Serena" (seriously, a version of it, I had long blonde thick hair), to my current dark, sleet bob. He truly is amazing and can do wonders with hair, both with color and with the cut. There was a spell there I was cheating on him, summer 2008 when the cost of everything skyrocketed, but I humbly came back and he welcomed me with open arms. I'm thankful I found him and I'm thankful for how he always makes me feel beautiful and knows what I want with my hair, even if sometimes I don't know myself!

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