Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm thankful for my little Yipster, aka, my Honda Civic. I love my car. I've had it since 2000, so it's seen it's share of wild college times, commutes to work, cycle of friends that ride in it, road trips, trips where I'm sobbing because of some boy, pumping out some Britney jams, taking me and my girls out, closing her eyes when I have a makeout session like I'm still in high school, all the while, being my ever loyal friend. Even though it's bordering on 10 years old and has over 150,000 miles on it, that car runs like new, everything works in it, other than regular repair, I've never had a problem (knock on wood), and it's still purring along like a brand new car (not unlike it's owner). I'm thankful I don't have a car payment, and I'm thankful this car is so dependable. When I do get a new car, it'll always be a Honda. Mark my loyal words. ...Unless some rich boyfriend wants to buy me a Mercedes-Benz, then how can I say no? :)


RAP said...

I'm thankful for no car payment too. My car is 10 years old and has had major repairs but it gets around - even if it takes a good ten minutes to heat up.

SJP said...

You know, it truly is something to be thankful for! Instead, we can spend our money on clothes and shoes!

RAP said...

I love that! Good reason to hold out for a new car until the old one is falling apart.