Wednesday, November 4, 2009

McDonnell Leads Sweep of Statewide Races

That was the title of today's Times Dispatch front page, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Really restored my faith in Virginians after the whole 2008 Presidential debacle.

Last fall, for the first time in 44 years, Virginia voted for a Democratic President. Virginians, like the rest of the country, were excited for change. "Yes we Can!" While I did not vote for Obama, I have to admit, it was an exciting time to be alive. Record number of voters, people excited, the whirlwind of emotions and sense of excitement was intoxicating. Little did we know how hard the crash would be. I don't need to get into the details, we all know Obama's ratings have dropped tremendously over the past few months. Rather than the Agent of Change, he's the Agent of Do Nothing. People, Democrats and Republicans alike are upset. Where was this promised change? Where was the man they all voted for? The real issue was who was the man they voted for to begin with? Someone with a proven record of change? I think not. Obama made a political career of doing nothing. Are we really that surprised? His whole career was spent trying to get to the next level, forgoing all duties at his current level. Now that he's at the top, he has nowhere to go and is actually (gasp) expected to do something. Expected to do something great! Of which he's miserably failed. Prior to the election, many Republicans would warn "not all change is good change." Now, we can say we were right, and Obama agrees, hence proving why he's lacked in making any change at all.

This is why I'm proud that McDonnell won by a landslide. Virginians are making a stand. I don't care that the White House says these election results aren't about Obama. How come the Democratic Senate landslide in 2008 was because of Obama, but now you feel as though you can claim the opposite true? How convenient. If they were so sure it wasn't any fault of Obama, then why did he "throw Creigh Deeds under a bus?" He wanted to make sure he was as far removed from the race as he could be, while still appearing to support Deeds. He wanted everyone to know that if Deeds loses, it's not because of any connection with Obama, it's because he's not as slick as McDonnell.

Ok, this blog is getting off target. I wanted to say it's a good day to be a Virginian! Take back the Governor’s mansion, and let's get this state headed back in the right direction!

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