Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'm THANKFUL paris hilton's 17 minutes of fame is over

Do you remember a time not so long ago when American pop culture was obsessed with a dumb, do nothing, plain jane socialite turned "celebrity"?

Who was this Paris Hilton and why did we care so much? Oh! Don't you sit there and deny it! We did care!! Her sex tape, who she was dating, where she was out partying, what she was wearing, what her hair looked like, who was stalking her house, how her grandfather was going to cut her out of the will, her uncomfortably small pool of men she slept with, the whole painfully detailed ordeal of her bestie turned frenemy turned bestie turned into nothing relationship with Nicole Richie, the kidnapping of her chihuahua, her perfume, her clothing line, her Funny or Die video, her TV shows, her Carl Jr. ads, her just awful attempts at acting, her jail stint, ugh, does this list ever end!?

For 5 long years, we as a society were bombarded. You couldn't turn around with out some breaking news on Paris. It became obvious just how bad it was when my grandma, who only has basic TV, knew who she was. It was sickening. Image after image of her bobble head, complete with her not pretty, totally clueless face would appear before you. On TV, at the movies, in the checkout line at the grocery store. It was enough to make you feel physically nauseated.

But as of late, I'm encouraged by a positive trend. I'm noticing the reports are fewer and fewer and gossip magazines rarely print photos of her.

I'm devoting today's blog to saying I'm thankful we as a culture are saying "TTYN" to Paris! Now "that's hot."



RAP said...

Too funny. Will it make you cry if one of the mags I got at the airport have a pic of Nicky Hilton in it (to get her hair cut)? I agree though I feel like Paris doesn't do anything... I mean does she have a job? And why is she hooking up with Lauren's sloppy seconds again? Does she want to be on The Hills before her 15 minutes truly runs out?

SJP said...

Dang it! I did guess I thought we were done with both Hiltons! Your comment about the Hills made me laugh, I think that's her only hope at this point!