Friday, November 27, 2009


So, today I'm just thankful that there's nothing I need/need to get for someone else that badly that would warrant me joining the 2 am Black Friday crowds of bargain-hungry crazed shoppers, still high from their turkey and stuffing meal, eyes glazed over from pumpkin pie overdose, running on little to no sleep because they were up at 7 am yesterday to start cooking, cranky because their jeans are uncomfortably tight and holding in gas as they push to get the last Sony Playstation. As much as I'll  be the first to admit you can get some pretty decent bargains on Black Friday, I just can't justify getting up at 2 am, risk getting trampled on at Target, waiting in hour long lines at Best Buy, and getting mauled by a grandma at Old Navy. I think my sanity is worth the extra money.

Not that I"m judging.

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RAP said...

OMG this is super funny. Love your descriptions. I 100 and 10% agree with all of the above. I cannot and will not battle crowds to get a ok camera for $20 off. No I'm going to save my money and wait for a real deal on a good camera later. Not to mention the fact that half those ads are so full of it - b/c it says in small print two per store or something else ridiculous.