Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Santas hanging up Christmas lights

The first Christmas in my house was three years ago, and I was excited to have a house to decorate! After putting up my mini-tree, hanging some garland and putting out my few decorations, I went outside with a strand of bulbs to hang in the tree. Much to my dismay, I discovered I didn't have an outdoor plug! I only got frustrated for a moment, then, being the ever clever girl that I am, I hung up lights around my window on the inside, but they were still visible from the street. As the days counted down to Christmas, I kept waiting for neighbors to put lights up, but that never came. For the entire month of December, and a little bit into January, I was the only house on my block that had lights up, and that disappointed me sorely. I dubbed my street "Bah Humbug Ave."

The next year, my neighbor got engaged, and his finance moved in. They have put a lot of money and time into their house, including central air, underground water system, new fence, etc. So, it didn't surprise me that they would have an outdoor outlet. One day I came home to find them putting up lights outside! I was ecstatic! Finally someone else would join me on Bah Humbug Ave and try to brighten up the holidays. That Christmas, two lonely houses lite the way for Santa on my block.

This year, however! Things have changed! I like to think I started the trend, either that or the Scrooges have moved out, but already there are 6 total houses with lights! What's funny is they are all right next door to each other, one to the right of me, and 4 to the left. None across the street, nor none at the end of the block. But it is so much more pleasant coming home and seeing the bright lights of Christmas. No one really got out of control, and I don't think it's asking too much to have a few lights hung up, one house just has candles in the window, and another has a wreath with lights on the front door, but still, it brightens up the neighborhood and helps put you in a holly jolly mood. So, today I'm calling out the Santas that live on my street that decided it was time to put forth the effort to make out street cozy for Christmas.

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RAP said...

I like the lights around your windows - very clever.