Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Resolution

This year it's an intense one! I'm warning you! I started another blog (look at me, I'm a blogging machine), because this one I want to be sort of pseudo-anonymous, although I think at this point, if you are reading this, you definitely know who I am. But anyways, idea for the other blog was born at my office's holiday party, and I talked too much about it not to do it! So, I'm writing it for my coworkers, for my friends, and for my family members, who all agreed to do this new year's resolution with me. And I'll know if they do it or not. So, check it out if you want, the link's here and you can read what that blog is all about. Basically, my New Year's Resolution is to do that blog. And of course lose 20 lbs.

Seriously though, New Year's Resolutions
1. Do Wellness Blog

2. Lose 20 lbs (trite, but hey, one year, I've got to achieve it right? Eventually statistically, it's got to come true!?)

3. Start swimming until my foot completely heals and I can run again.

4. Be more financially responsible with my money

5. Stop drinking sodas (HUGE for me!! I'm not giving them up completely, just making them less prevalent in my life, perhaps one a week, rather than 3 a day)

6. Go to church at least once a month

So, what are your resolutions? Or do you have any at all? Have you ever been successful at a resolution? And really, what are "resolutions" other than things we should be doing all year, tell ourselves we're going to do all year, but decide that since it's the beginning of a new year, it's "time to get serious." All of the above are things I attempt at least once a month and fail. But I'm feeling it now, I am feeling 2010 is going to be a great year, where I attain my personal goals, and am successful in all aspects of my life. Change is coming, I can feel it, and I am ready! Here's to 2010!


Anonymous said...

i think the wellness blog this is awesome and like the idea. i might even be brave enough to try it out...


RAP said...

You're busy writing two blogs! That's awesome. I'll check out the other one too. So I haven't done any official resolutions yet but love your post and now you put it out there it might help actually do them. Good luck!

SJP said...

Nick!! Yes! Try it! My favorite will be the group activities. I have a feeling though everyone will be bored with in come mid-January! haha! But my goal is to complete it, even if I have to do it myself! So, try it with me!!! This is the year! I can feel it! I just feel like it's going to be an amazing year for everyone! You going to do the 10K again?

RAP - I know, it's going to be crazy trying to keep up with both, but I shall do it!! I totally agree, I though I have to put it out there and be held reliable, hence the other blog. I'll have to do it! Or at least, it'll be more embarrassing if I don't!

SJP said...

And I successfully made it through day 1 with no sodas! huge HUGE!! I was super tired around noonish and could have used the caffeine pick me up. Plus, I had a pretty intense headache! But I made it! 1 day down! I think 2 weeks and the nasty habit should be kicked for good.