Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For RAP - Emma Watons looking mighty fine

I'm not trying to steal RAP's thunder, but this was my all time favorite Emma Watson look. What do you think?

Burberry at London Fashion Week, September 2009

Photos from getty images


RAP said...

How come we didn't have clothes like this in college???? (she goes to school in RI). Seriously, could you image you start school and you walk in and she's your roomie. I'd be like OMG can I borrow your clothes and she'd think I'm a complete psycho aside from the fact she's probs a negative 2 so my left arm might fit into a pair of her jeans....

SJP said...

I know. We had the black yoga pants that we thought were dressy, "sparkly tanks" that were waaay too short, and platform shoes. We were born a decade too early!

The comment about being your roomie cracked me up. She'd be like "um, I know you ain't trying to borrow my $2,000 dress when you go to some nasty frat house." Plus, like you said, I'd be lucky to fit an arm in there! Haha!

SJP said...

You can tell she's young though. Everytime you see her, she's standing awkwardly, like kind of slouched over. Stand up girl! You're looking hott!

RAP said...

lol I like the frat comment. Who are we kidding she probably scored an off campus apartment or a single.

Totally agree we were born too early. You forgot pleather pants, those stupid platform flipflops, mini skirts that weren't flattering... what else??

Agree, the poses are lacking - she needs lessons from Heidi Klum