Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 20 of Grinches and snow shoveling etiquette

I know I'm technically supposed to write a Santa post today, but I want to grinch a little, so I'm going to go with it. People have no sense of common social decency when it comes to snow. I know for a fact that not only it is considered proper etiquette to shovel your sidewalk when it snows, it may even be legally required (at least it is in some counties/municipalities). I had to walk up to Kroger both yesterday and today and was shocked at the number of people who did not shovel their sidewalks. Oh sure, the walk down to their car was shoveled, but they couldn't take the time to shovel their sidewalks. If you don't want to shovel, don't buy a house! Rent or get a condo, because it is a well-known fact that you are to shovel if you own your home! I even remember in the "good old days" when a teen-aged boy would shovel the driveways of elderly, or single women to be neighborly. Those days are long gone. And past the point of just being polite, I do believe it's legally required to shovel your sidewalk in most areas. And even if it's not legally required, if someone slips and falls and hurts themselves, they can sue you. So, forget about being friendly neighbors. If you aren't willing to do it to be polite, then I sure as hope someone sues your ass, because you deserve it.


RAP said...

By the way this was on the news and its totally illegal not to shovel. But could I complain for a second about the damn businesses downtown that don't shovel. I swear it was like an ice skating rink this week. I saw three people fall on Tuesday. Yikes!

SJP said...

Yes! Thank you for confirming this. But I agree, the businesses are just as bad!! My office building was okay, but I saw tons of ones that were bad. Yikes is right!