Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Resolutions

As the end of the year draws upon us and we're gearing up for a fabulous new year full of new hopes and expectations, it's only appropriate that I look back to my resolutions for 2009 and see how I did. I found my blog from last year (this current site is my new and rebranded blog, although they are pretty much exactly the same) Here's what I found!

Original blog in blue, current comments in black.

January. The beginning of a new year. New hopes, new promises, and the age old, new resolutions. Although, my resolutions are anything but new…  
This is true, as I'll probably have the exact same resolutions for 2010, whoops.

1. Lose 20 lbs. And what goes hand in hand with losing weight? Maximizing gym utilization. Last year I was at 38% utilization, or 138 times. This year, I was at 40% or 147 times. I had set the goal for 42% or 152, so I missed it by 5 gym times. Pretty close, and I’m not upset with that at all. This year I want to strive for an average of 3 times per week, or 156 times. That’s nine times more than this past year, and I am sure I can do it! Already this year, I’ve worked out 5 times, and plan to go to the gym at lunch. I’ll already by at 120%! I feel great, and just know that this is the year I will finally lose that 20 lbs. Not gain 10 lbs like I did this year! Yikes! I’m also starting training for the 10K in March.  

I feel like there were 3 things going on here: 1. Lose 20 lbs, 2. Maximize gym utilization, and 3. Run Monument 10K. I am pleased to say I hit 2 of those 3! Can you guess which one I did not do!? Ha! That's right! Lose 20lbs! I did manage to lose probably 7 lbs, although I've put on 2 of them back on in the past month. :( My gym utilization was AWESOME this year. So far, I've already gone 195 times! I totally blew that resolution out of the water! That averages out to 4 times a week! Super amazing! I will say, I am fit! I did the half marathon training, my New Rules of Lifting for Women training, and then regular workouts, however, I just couldn't manage to lose the weight. As far as the last is concerned, I did complete the Monument 10K, which was awesome, and I did it in 61 minutes! So, I managed to hit 2 of my 3 "health" goals this year. I'll have to try harder as far as weight loss. I just shudder to think what my weight would be if I hadn't worked out so much!

2. No alcohol consumption for 2 weeks. Originally, I wanted to say all of January, but thought it seemed too daunting, so I scaled back until January 15. If that all goes well, I’ll aim for the rest of the month. Little steps, right? This goal is directly related to my weight loss goal, as I am convinced I could drop the weight very rapidly if I did not drink. I cannot drink in moderation. Blake Shelton best summed it up with “Cause the more I drink, the more I drink. Yeah, I’m the world’s greatest lover and a dancin’ machine. I get loud, I get proud....and it gets worse. Well if I have one, I’ll have thirteen. Naw, there ain’t no in-between. Cause, the more I drink, the more I drink.” Yes, that is me to a tee! So, how does this fit in with weight loss? Well, if we’re talking an extra 1,000 calories every time I drink, for an average drinking of three or four times a week, that’s a lot of extra calories, that all the good days in between can’t make up. Plus, let’s not forget the late night pizza that goes hand in hand with lots of alcohol (yes, sometimes I still feel like I’m in college). So, we’ll give it a shot and see where we go.

Um, okay, so maybe this is why I did not lose the 20lbs! I didn't even make it those two weeks with no alcohol.

3. Get finances in order. This will get kicked off with a strict “no-buy” policy in January. Cat is doing this one as well. We are both not going to buy any material items for all of January. Food, basic necessities, and entertainment are allowed, just no frivolous purchases. The reason entertainment is allowed is we’re trying to be reasonable, we can still go out and live a normal life, just without new clothes, shoes, or purses. But I should save a lot more with my no alcohol working hand in hand. See how all my resolutions tie in together?

Yea, this one also did not happen. The "strict" no buy lasted about 3 days. And my money is just as out of control now as it ever was. I'm not even sure I can afford Christmas gifts this year!!

4. Meet serious boyfriend potential. No more of the foolishness that’s been going on in my life these past few years. No more dating guys that are going to leave in a few months. No more hooligans. Basically, unless the guy is someone worth dating (i.e. good person, nice, has a good and “real” job, mature, treats me well, isn’t an alcoholic, isn’t hitting on every girl in a five feet radius) then I will not even go out on one date with him. Although after typing that, I have a feeling I may have a dateless 2009! And to help with this, I will either go back on eHarmony, or try professional match maker. Not sure about professional match maker, but will give it a try. And this time, I’ll take eHarmony more serious, and not log off after one month and one date, when I paid for three months! You know, I’m almost 29, there is no shame in going on eHarmony, right?

Soooo... I did go on eHarmony, however, I was not pleased with the results. I was less than pleased with the quality of guys, they looked okay online, but once you met them in real life! Yikes! I did have a few fun dates though, a few guys I went out with more than once, and also so massive jokesters, but all in all, I would say I miserably failed on this resolution.

Why am I feeling deja vu from this post? Probably because not only have I resolved each of these every year for the past 7 years, but say them about 20 times per year. On a random July afternoon "Ok! Time to get serious! Time to work out, and not date jokesters anymore!" Then, what happens two days later? Bingefest at happy hour and giving my number out all over town. But this time, there's something in the air. I'm feeling a seriousness about it all this year. 29 is my year! I just cannot turn 30 with my life in this disarray!
So, there are my resolutions and how pathetic I was in accomplishing them. Although it's too late for the resolutions, I was a little encouraged by the last line "I just cannot turn 30 with my life in this disarray!" Fortunately I still have 4 months before I turn 30, so right now, right here, it's time to get serious!!

xoxo, S


Anonymous said...

Are you going to post some of your eHarmony stories? - A

RAP said...

I love this post. It's super funny and real. Does anyone keep New Year's Resolutions?

SJP said...

A! Haha! That was the original point of this blog, wasn't it!? Thanks for reminding and commenting!

RAP - I've only kept two in my life, the gym utilization for 2009 and once I decided not to eat fries for a year, and I didn't! The rest, bleh!

RAP said...

Haha two is pretty good. I think I might have kept one for half a minute when I thought working out everyday was a good idea and then I remembered Gossip Girl came on... lol

Anonymous said...

S -
Just hopped on for a little afternoon entertainment and your resolutions certainly achieved that... and, i didn't know you had a previous blog! secrets.. Anyway, regarding #4, the upside is that we had a good run of emails and seriously, if a bad date(s) gives you something to laugh about then it's not a loss. And eharm wasn't a totaly failure...see posting entitled "flowers always make the day sunny"

SJP said...

E - haha! Your comment totally made my day! Glad I could be of entertainment, and thank you for putting eH into perspective!! Because you are right about flowers! :) And right about the something to laugh about, and goodness knows we did! :)