Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas with the Kardashians

So, I'm sure you've all heard about this, and because I saw this on Chelsea Lately on Tuesday, I like to pretend like I'm ahead of the other bloggers. This photo is ridic!!

I think the big ruckus over this photo is why Ryan Seacrest is in it?! Apparently it got printed and sent without anyone actually looking at it? Although, based on what you see on TV, I can only imagine each family member did "proof" it, and by "proof", I mean they looked at themselves and that was it. So, it's really no surprise that Ryan was overlooked on the family photo.

What I'm more shocked about is that the whole family is peculiarly tiny! It's odd, isn't it? We all know Kim's about 5'2", and I thought Khloe was around 5'9", but she looks so small. Then Ryan is about as munchkin as a dude can get. The whole family looks tiny, including Rob and Bruce. Lamar looks like a giant, like Hagrid or Goliath! He looks freaking huge compared to these mini-people! And while I understand he's a tall basketball player, I just don't get why everyone else looks miniaturized! It's not just their height, but the whole body is so small. It sort of really freaks me out, like the photo is an optical illusion.

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RAP said...

Is this their Christmas card? Too funny. They do all look short I'm not sure why though. And aren't the two in the short purple dresses like 12 - if they are the skirts could be a little longer (I sound like my mom) haha.... I totally agree about "proofing" they all looked at themselves and were like, yep.... I could totally see them photoshoping heads from different shots onto their bodies too. I saw Kim K last night in a CSI NY (nothing else to do) she's not a very good actress....