Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa? Or Grinch?

So, seriously, I can barely type right now, and I have no idea whether today is Grinch or Santa. So, I reread my old blogs and determined today was Grinch, BUT........ it's 1:15 am, so I am going to go with Santa! yay!

The one thing that gets me in the mood these days...

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Whenever I go out, I have to request this song. Love it! So catchy! Great beat and music! I just love this song. It's my favorite song of the moment. See reference here.

Today's Santa is the song Bad romance. The video is sooooooo ridic I can't even start to get into it, but the song is amazing!

(Editor's note: drunken ramble about Bad Romance to follow)

I will admit though, the reason I started loving this song was because of the GG episode. Seriously, at the end of this episode, I was thinking (no joke, no exaggeration) "How am I going to live my life without knowing what happens next!? My life never officially started until GG entered it. This was the pivital scene where Chuck goes from bastard to hard shell exterior/caring interior, Serena went from the ex-druggie/alcoholic/slut you were rooting for to straight up slut, Jenny went from sweet innocent "going to change the Queen Bee status at St. Gertrudes" to worse than Blair manipulative, Nate's true feelings about Serena were finally surfaced and Dan admits to himself that he is in love with Vanessa (although, I'm a big fan of Hilary Duff's charceter Olivia on GG). It was a super moving episode. Really amazing character building.

Rah-rah-ah-ahhah! I am totally in need of a bad romance!
Link to GG scene

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Just because I'm in a GG mood, this scene gave me another new favorite song (other than Bad Romance). I always liked this song "Whatcha Say" by Jason De Rulo, but this song quickly catapulted it into my top five favs of the moment.

Ok, so don't know if this offically counts since I skipped over the Grinch for today, but I wasn't feeling in a particulary Grinchy mood today

Happy GG Christmas!

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