Monday, December 28, 2009

Today is Santa! Day 28

Today would have been the perfect Grinch day, but I will save that for tomorrow. I am getting back on track here. Today goes out to all the Santa's who take the week between Christmas and New Year's off. Although I'm insanely jealous and wish I could have the week off too, it's so nice in the office. Only the other low men on the todem pole are in the office, and it's amazing how much work you can get done without your boss breathing down your neck, throwing new more important, top priority stuff on your desk, and then wondering why you never got to that project earlier. Sheesh! I'm only one person. But this week is so peaceful. You shave plenty of time to converse with other coworkers, have an extra long lunch, and still manage to be twice as productive as any other week of the year. I think not having your email blowing up helps as well. This week is so peaceful, it almost makes you wish the weekend wouldn't come. Almost.

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