Sunday, December 6, 2009

Charleston Get-a-Way

I'm back, and have I got a lot to share!

I just got back from the best weekend in Charleston, SC. I went with a few other girls, all except me were married with children, but good gracious, that did not stop them from letting loose, and we had a blast!

When we arrived Friday afternoon, we did a tour of the city, then came back to the hotel to get ready and opened up the first of many bottles of wine. That night we had the most amazing dinner at Coast, very good stuff and you must get the sangria if you go! That night we went out to a bar down at the market place, they had a great live band, so we danced, talked with cute boys, and in general got totally bombed.

The next morning, the old married hags were hurting, but after a brunch at a local dive, some shopping and some sightseeing, we rally up to go grab dinner. I wasn't impressed with the meal the second night, maybe I give it a C, but afterwards, me and two other girls head back out to the downtown scene where we ran into the cutest Aussies! I could barely understand them, but they were cute, and I did have a mini-smoochfest with one of them!

So, here's my opinion. Basically, Charleston is so freaking adorable, I can't even stand it. It was odd though seeing this bright blue sky with palmetto trees, you'd expect it to be warm, but it wasn't. Of course, we were there in December, I know that in August it's quite a different story. The architecture is so amazing, the city is so cute and so quaint and so gorgeous on the water. But I will tell you, I was not pleased with the social scene. Yes, I had a great time, but because I was with a group of girls. The guys there were not that great. I'd barely even classify them as "cute enough." Although, on that other hand, the girls were not great either! They just weren't! A lot were chunky (which, I loved, I felt so thin and gorgeous!), and just weren't all in all very attractive. It was odd, I was expecting the city to be full of attractive people. I'm not sure what it was that made them all so very plain. I can definitely see the draw why Charleston's one of those cities that everyone raves about and loves. It definitely had tons of charm, and nice, warm weather most of the time, but between the humidity and heat in the summer and lack of attractive social scene, I'm not going to put it on my list of potential places I'd like to move to when/if I can get my butt in gear and move.

Other than the city aspect, I had such fun with the girls I went with. Even though they were a few years older and in a totally different life stage, I had a blast. They were fun, they were dancing, talking with boys, having a blast. It always makes me laugh though to hear them say "oh, girls weekend, so fun! Woooooo!" when I'm over here like "yea, every weekend is girls weekend!" But it wasn't so much about the girls weekend for me so much as it was nice to get out of Richmond, get a change of scenery and just enjoy the company of girls I don't really hang out with that often.

Ok, here's some photos from this weekend:

Rainbow Row, a famous series of colorful houses. Everywhere I went in Charleston, there were photos and paintings of this street. 

There were so many amazing gardens and beautifully manicured yards. And the houses were all so cute and unique, and totally "Charleston."

Sort of the "quintessential Charleston home"

King Street decorated for Christmas.


RAP said...

Totally jealous it looks and sounds fun :)

SJP said...

It was! :)