Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 lonely Grinches at the Bar

Sooooo, today, I was supposed to come home from a nice, productive day at work and proceed to watch my DVR filled with GG, Melrose, Hills, The City, The Office, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, and who knows what else classic TV. However, we had a department happy hour and D and I ended up wanting to go out after.

Here we are at 7 pm on a Wednesday wanting to get into shenanigans. So, yea, basically, that didn't happen. That is why today's Grinch is the fact that in Richmond, if you want to go out on a random work night (which, I will add that I rarely do anymore), you can't. Because no one is out. How come I specifically recall being 25 and there being tons of people out on a Wednesday and I would be at the bar wondering "what on earth do all these people do that they can be out on a Wednesday!?" but of course ignoring the fact that I too was out on a Wednesday. So, here I am, a few years later and everyone's hibernating for life. It sucks. I should be able to go to a bar where there are a good number of people on a Wednesday night. I really don't think that is asking too much. I'm open to suggestions. And don't say Champps at Stony Point. I know they have karaoke on Wednesdays, but  E-dee ruined that place for me for life. And even then, it wasn't fun, only because I was drunk on a Wednesday with E-dee.

Ok, that last part of the paragraph totally digressed. It just really puts a damper on your spirits to be in a mood to want to go out and then actually be out there and it's totally dead. Boooo Grinch of Richmond Bars on Wednesday night.

phot credit: markydeedroppics flickr


RAP said...

I love this post. I like the part about what do all these people do to be out on a Wednesday and you saying oh yeah I'm out on a Wednesday. It's ok we have our work holiday party tomorrow and people were complaining it was during the week and they couldn't go crazy. I was like um its a work thing you go crazy after you don't want to be that girl dancing on a bar (aka Heidi's sister on the Hills that one time). I was going to ask if I could bring you as my guest b/c K can't go but then they said no friends... lame.

Andrea said...

I was at the Triple last night...there were a lot of hipsters there for a terrible band that was playing later. That's where everyone is on Wednesday night LOL!

SJP said...

RAP - have fun at the party, thanks for thinking of me, but you're right, can't go to crazy when you got work the next day!

Andrea - you are one total pool party animal! :) I should have known where to go! Next time I'm in the mood, I'll know. And we still need to do poker at Abbey Road!