Monday, December 7, 2009

Blake Lively Tiger Woods SNL Skit

Looks like Blake Lively was a guest on SNL last weekend. I haven't watched that show since high school, but we all know my Blake obsession. The skit was okay, but kind of in bad form if you want my opinion. Elin is really portrayed as a monster, when really, can you blame her!? Her husband was cheating on her and the  women are crawling out of the woodwork! The count was up to 10 last time I checked today! Who knows what the count will be tomorrow! A guy at work and I were joking about taking polls on the final tally.

I do feel bad for Elin, I mean really, she probably found out about one of the affairs, or who knows, got an STD (US Weekly, for what that's worth, is reporting that Tiger didn't use condoms with two of the women) and flipped her shit. I can see him running away and her being like "Don't you run away from me! You get back here!" And chasing him in her shocked, hurt and angry state. Now, I'm not saying that she's allowed to abuse him because of that... no wait, I'd say that's fair.

In Tiger's defense, I will say I'm not sure how many women will come out and say they had an affair and it won't be true. I feel like Tiger was untouchable before, he wasn't anyone someone would lie about because he was so private, but now that the doors are open for 10+ ladies, I know the crazies will be soon to follow. I guess as far as our pool is concerned, we'll just have to go with alleged mistresses, since we'll never know the truth. Although, the truth that is known is that even if a guy has the most beautiful wife in the world, if he's a cheater, it don't matter.

My thought is he was a loser growing up, and now that he's famous and can get all these beautiful (although some of them, I'd hardly use the word even attractive. Some look real used and weathered!) women, he doesn't know how to keep it in his pants.

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RAP said...

I was telling K I thought that he could explain away one or two girls - like oops I made a mistake. But 9 or 10 that's just f-ing ridiculous. Keep it in your pants buddy or don't get married. And I totally don't blame his wife if she beat the crap out of him - I was talking to this friend today and I was like no woman in a jury would ever convict her if it went to trial because they would all be like he deserved that crap. I don't believe in hitting people but I mean cut her some slack he sounds like a complete ass.